AngularJS for newbies

17 Oct 2016

A few days ago Angular was announced in the final version 2.0.0. Time to make a review on the version AngularJS 1.x and on some best practice examples.

Shell script to generate HTML5 gallery

10 Oct 2014

You know that, with the years, some collected digital photos are languish in folders. Although there are all kinds of tools to manage this, but if you want to make it public and you do not want to manually bind in a HTML5 file, you need something that do this binding automatically for you.
For this we use a Bash (shell) script, that can be easily created and modified on Linux / Mac systems.

vi editor commands for Unix, Linux and Mac

8 Oct 2014

About editor might have been written as about other issues, especially about the vi editor already more. He is one of the older representatives and remains one of the most important tools in Unix, Linux, and perhaps also in the Mac environment. Of course, today there are many editors who have become each an important part of the development and administration process, particularly noteworthy are sublime text and textpad. But one of the fastest representatives at all, not only on servers, is the editor vi.

URL QR code generator

19 Sept 2014

QR codes are very practical when the physical things should be connected to the digital world by a print or a sticker that transports information in a QR code. The information can be extract by smartphones, tablets or scanner and read the accordingly the information in form of a URL, e-mails or key values ​​refer and give you create opportunities also in Marketing to connect the things with your domain. Learn how to combine this with your own shortener URL service.

Progress OpenEdge RESTful Webi BusinessObjects Viewer

29 Aug 2014

To get everything out of your SAP BusinessObject Business Intelligence 4.x (BO BI Webi) take a look at the RESTful web service SDK that allow you to get even more than just some reports. To start the first experiments, the CURL described in the documentation offers approach. In my record the socket connection with Progress OpenEdge takes place.

Progress OpenEdge: Dynamic fill a Temp-Table/ProDataSet

24 Jul 2014

There are several ways to fill a dynamically generated Temp-Table in Progress OpenEdge ABL. But here I'll show you the most elegant and the fastest method.

Convert virtual machine (VM) from VMware to Virtualbox

5 Jun 2014

In one of my mandates I got a 80 GB virtual machine for the VMware platform. On this machine the complete development platform was installed. Since I use VirtualBox on my Mac and really wanted to stay on this platform, I have been looking for methods to convert the VM from VMware to Virtualbox and then import them into it.

Virtuality computing with virtualbox

22 May 2014

When I was in the previous millennium with a company, there was only Windows PC as a virtual variant on an older Linux server allowed. Because of a Windows PC was considered potentially highly dangerous and there was no other way to tie this into the corporate network. Only the virtual version of Windows with Linux as the host operating system was allowed.

Carrot cake recipe

7 Apr 2014

There are numerous attempts to explain programming with recipes through to programming chief, an esoteric programming language look like recipes in the programs. Here, however, I would just like to introduce my favorite cake. A carrot cake that tastes so wonderfully juicy. The picture shows the cake I baked for my wife birthday.

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