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4 Dec 2013

There are running a lot of shortener URL service (list services to shortener URL) around, all of them are good and doing there job very well. Their existence authority is to convert a long URL into a short URL, this is particularly very useful when a service is used like twitter to post information and not need the available space with a long link to.

shortener URL service with qr code example

Or you have created hardware and you want to be sure that the link is still working in future. However, this URL shortener service bring some discomfort by the users, because you do not know what you click here, the destination is unclear by cryptic combinations, this brings the lose of branding opportunity, the lose of credibility and others. This is the right time to start a owned service, not necessary a public service, but a own URL shortener.

After a phase of orientation and of trial, I am finally stuck with The good documentation, easy installation, enable the rapid and extensive functionality of this service has also completely convinced me.

The result are, you get well formed links, that documents the traffic so that you could address various channels and analyze the result. There are several detail view of the traffic available that give you a good overview of your links and there usage. Moreover, there are a number of s plugins for available, for example a QR Code generator which automatically creates QR Code from the given links, .

shortener URL service

Check out a few of links which I have generated: was previously was previously
linkedIn was previously
facebook was previously

With much more options for shoppingblogging or social media like xingslidesharegithub and ...

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