Create your #footprints with own click-to-tweet-links

6 Dec 2013 allow users to promote their stuff on twitter, but it is also easy to build such a service by your own. Create your own click-to-tweet-links on your websites, presentations or your other personal sites. Here is an example how to build such a link.

All starts with the link:

You must replace empty space ' ' with %20 when you add some content:

If you want to add a #hashtag then replace the hash(#) with %23:

Combine this technics with a own shorten URL (long URL -> short URL) service (shortener URL service)

If you want to enter a @-symbol to add your twitter account then please replace also the @ with %40. If you really need a % percent symbol you can replace this also with %25. That's it is.

As result you get the link:

Additional you could also combine these code with a shortener URL service so that the input is not so ugly. Try it out and click to tweet it now.

#Update 03/2015
It's been over a year ago when I wrote this blog entry. But what has always interested me and what I have so far had no solution, how do I send a tweet with a picture in a html link. The reason, with a picture in a tweet you got more chance to be retweeted.

Tweet this picture
How to operate? That works, if you have your picture tweeted before, then you can find out how the URL is of the image. Each twitter picture serves two URLs, only that which begins[No] works.

How you can find this picture URL? Go to your pictures in twitter and press right button for view the source code in html of the twitter page. Then all pictures are listet, find out which picture you are interested in. Select this picture URL and add this to your tweet:

Have fun!

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