Blogging is a method to structure, organize, share and conserve your thoughts

13 Nov 2013

I had searched the last years for a method to write down my thoughts. I like to use ink and feather, I had used hardcore notepads in the time where the only portable electronic devices were a pocket calculator, I had used for the years a lot of electronic devices, with different software on pc's notebooks, smartphones and tablets to conserve my thoughts and my work. Therefore I tested a lot of methods, techniques and software. But at least I found all of the stuff a little impractical.

In an autobiography of Irish novelist James Joyce, I read once that he used to make himself notes each occasion, he wrote on everything he could find, napkins, coasters or in short everything he can find and plug he used. He then collected these notes, convicted them in card file boxes, which he in turn was able to incorporate in his works.

For me the change took place with cloud computing and the several apps that coming up in the past. It happens when I was reading about Matt Mullenweg and how automatic grow up in a startup with remote work culture and their cool idea to meet up somewhere once per year in a new fantastic place over the world. I was fascinated about this meetings and thought about the blogger culture. That decided me to start a blog and share all the stuff in my mind. Blogging seems to me to personally and I never thought I could write good enough to share with others - and maybe this is still true, but I decided to write for me and do this in a foreign language.

In our days blogging belongs to a professional basic attitude, and no one can afford more to return his/her back to this. A blog is a simple way, to share your thoughts through a medium that is simple to use, you can write down your thoughts, you can bring it clear to a document, you can create collections about your interests, you can do a internet journey self tracking, you can filing on it, you can share it or not, create a channel, you can get response of your doing. That is for me the perfect way to write down my thoughts, so this blog was born. I know there are other cooperation product outside like asanaevernote and other that offers also a fantastic world. At the moment I believe blogging could be a place to put all together and share this with an audience.

Today I use various blogs (private and public) to collect my thoughts, I make notes about my work or a few popular excursions into the internet in order to document them can then visit again later or to create my own collections. I had also answered the question for me, which blog software is the right and which is not so comfortable, I tested some of them and find out for me that the easiest and quickest way is and Which one you want to use, well that are many blogs in the internet that describe the pro and contra of both. My decision fall to (blogspot), but the easy feeling could you only get when you started one and get some practice.

You can also read several blogs that describe the technical options and extensions (best further information for blogger is If you want to know which software and hardware I also use, you can find my setup on this site.

So please tell me your thoughts about the practicable part and which is the best way you think is to conserve some thoughts (

think allowed - Give freedom of thoughts

Thank you for your time :)

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