Sometimes I got the questions: What kind of hardware and software are you using?

Im' working on several physical and virtual computing.
On my working place now a Mac Notebook take place, the years before I always bought Windows Notebooks and changed their software to Linux.

In the basement a Fujitsu Server is running with Ubuntu Linux. On this system, several virtual machines are installed with different services. I use virtualbox for these VMs.
Additional I running on a virtual server a owncloud service. This is my longlife archives in which all my data are secured.

For the basic stuff like writing, calculation, presentations and cloud file services, I use google drive

The editor that I usually open on the Linux systems is VI and on the clients of a Mac it is Sublime Text 2, on Windows I would recommend textpad.

My websites are hosted in a datacenter. I use FileZilla to transfer my data to my several hosted websites.

The fastest way into bogging seems for me blogger. I tried also that also offer a fantastic setup and a professional service as well. But for a quick beginning, I would recommend blogger/blogspot.

A fantastic tool is also codekit, this could optimize the file size of pictures that are transported through the http for websites.


Database: mySQL, OpenEdge RDMS, google
Graphic design: google/docs, gimp
Files: owncloud, google/drive
Notes: icloud notes
Office: google/docs
Video editing: iMovie
Web browser: chrome, safari, firefox
Other: codekit, NetBeans

But there is much more, you can find a list of my professional work in the role as a Software Development Engineer/Software Architect here (German).

There is much more ...

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